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Sweet Orange Essential Oil

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Want to learn more about the sweet orange essential oil benefits and uses? Look no further!

Many people enjoy the uplifting scent of sweet orange essential oil and keep a bottle close to them during all seasons. There’s so much to love about this versatile oil, but what are the top sweet orange essential oil uses? It naturally reduces stress, alleviates pain, settles inflammation, relieves stomach upset, and is a natural household cleaner. The botanical name for sweet orange essential oil is Citrus Sinensis, and it belongs to the Rutaceae family, where you’ll also find lemon, grapefruit, and other sweet summery scents.

It possesses a medium to the strong aroma which is pleasant, cheerful, relaxes the muscles, and calms the mind. There are countless sweet orange essential oil benefits for skin which is why it’s frequently found in skincare. For many, this oil is a summer staple, as it boosts skin health and amplifies good-feeling sunshine vibes. Way of Will's sweet orange essential oil is sourced from Brazil, the country famous for high-quality, juicy oranges.

You may find cheaper sweet orange essential oils on the market, but they’re usually sourced from GMO orange farms, contain weaker formulas, and are mixed with other ingredients. Packaged in a black bottle to avoid any damage from sunlight, you’ll find only the purest, all-natural, undiluted sweet orange essential oil inside. Thanks to all the fantastic sweet orange essential oil benefits, whether for skin, mood, or home use, it’s an investment that keeps on giving. Way of Will suggests adding a few drops to a diffuser or a cloth to gently inhale the intense, mood-boosting aroma to keep yourself feeling balanced and happy.

Swish some sweet orange essential oil into a hot bath for a deeply relaxing experience and soothe tired, achy muscles.

  • Size: 15 ML/ 0.5FL OZ
  • 100% Natural Pure Grade Sweet Orange Essential Oil