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Ginger Tara Pillow

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This thin-striped, double-pom lumbar pillow will bring a unique, stylish luxury to your space. It is well made, with a discrete pull zipper closure, and a tasseled Turkish vibe. While this pillow measures 14x22", we stuff it with a 16x24" pillow fill to ensure it looks and feels full. This pillow's composition is plant-based, blended with cotton, linen, and lyocell. Lyocell is another name for the well-known material Tencel, and has a breathable texture less susceptible to bacteria growth and odour. Lyocell production on average needs less energy, dye, and water than the production of other fabrics, and because lyocell is a naturally-derived fiber, it's biodegradable. In the lyocell production process, there are petrochemical solvents used to turn the wood pulp base into fiber, but this process is closed loop, which means that the chemicals can be recycled over and over again, which minimizes harmful waste. The Tara Pillow comes with a poly pillow fill and will be your new favourite decorative pillow!

  • Size: 14"x22" w/ 16" x 24" fill
  • Composition: 70% cotton, 15% linen,15% lyocell
  • Care: Cold, delicate machine wash, hang to dry
  • Origin: Made in Made in Turkey
  • Fair Trade