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Patchouli Essential Oil

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Curious about the patchouli essential oil benefits? You’ll find lots including treating eczema, eliminating dandruff, healing athlete’s foot, reducing anxiety, and helping insomnia. Patchouli has a rich earthy, sweet, and spicy aroma commonly used in luxury designer fragrances. Originally a herb native to tropical Asian countries, patchouli essential oil is the perfect side-kick through the colder months to keep flu symptoms at bay.

There are so many patchouli essential oil uses. It’s often found in skincare products to relieve skin conditions like acne and eczema naturally. Thanks to its potent skin cell regeneration properties, it also boosts skin beautification and gives a glowing complexion with every use. Struggling to sleep is a living nightmare. Patchouli is an aromatherapist’s go-to essential oil for the ultimate mind and body relaxation.

Way of Will's patchouli essential oil has been sourced from Indonesia, a country with an abundance of high-quality patchouli plants. Cleverly packaged into black bottles that block sunlight for 100% purity and potency, you can get all the patchouli essential oil benefits. They only use organic, sustainable, cruelty-free, and pure-grade essential oils in every bottle keeping your body and the planet safe from harm.

Blends will with Bergamot, Cassia, Cedarwood, Myrrh, Opoponax, Orange, Rose, and Sandalwood.

Patchouli Essential Oil – A warm, calming oil that is effective in promoting skin cell regeneration and rejuvenates skin’s overall appearance

  • 100% Natural Pure Grade Patchouli Essential Oil
  • Size: 15 ML/ 0.5FL OZ