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Relief Shower Steamers

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Shower steamers create a unique sensory experience by releasing potent essential oils and filling the shower with an aromatic scent.

The Relief Shower Steamers utilize the cleansing vapours of eucalyptus, rosemary and peppermint to support respiratory health, clear sinuses and encourage deep breathing.

Directions: Place one steamer onto the shower floor in one of the two corners closest to the water stream. The tablet will fizzle when in contact with the water on the shower floor. The aroma will be released as the tablet dissolves. Keep out of direct stream to ensure tablet lasts for the duration of the shower. 

  • Set includes 7 x 40g steamers.
  • Product size: 6"x2.25"x2.25"
  • Paraben Free, Petroleum Free, Sulfate Free, Alcohol Free
  • Made in Ontario
  • No animal testing