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Rose + Seaweed Toner

Inspired by coastal living in British Columbia, Sealuxe body products bring all natural luxury to your doorstep. Sealuxe nourishes and cares for your skin by soaking in the elements of the sea. The rose goddess nectar is a quick facial pick me up that smells divine. The toner is ideal for skin hydration, tired eyes, treating blemishes and other skin irritations to create a healthy complexion. Simply apply a few sprays at an arms-length away from face on a freshly cleansed face or after your make-up application to lock it in. The rose goddess nectar's key ingredients are Kelp (super food for the skin), rose water, seaweed and vegetable glycerin. It can also be used as perfume or roomspray and is safe for children and pets.

 Made in British Columbia.                                                                             

  •  Product size: 60ml
  • Expires after 6 months (keep refridgerated to exntend life)