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Foaming Bath Gift Set

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Beautifully packaged and made in Canada, this foaming bath gift set is perfect for those who love luxurious baths. Relax in a nourishing bath surrounded by foaming bubbles and fresh scents. This set inludes 5 different scents. Perfect for a gift or to explore different scents. Lucia's products are made from natural and organic ingredients, and are free from parabens and harmful synthetics. This foaming bath can also be used in the shower by simply adding a small amount directly or to a sponge. Safe for all skin types. 

Featured Scents:

  1. Goat Milk + Linseed Flower
  2. Laurel Leaf + Olive
  3. Tea Leaf + Wild Honey
  4. Fresh Fig + Wild Ginger
  5. Sea Watercress + Chai Tea 
  • Product size: Each glass tube is 30mL