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Lavender Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea Pouch

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Explore the  floral flavours of lavender with this enchanting Earl Grey blend. Fragrant lavender blossoms pair perfectly with the smooth bergamot notes in Justea’s world-famous Kenyan Earl Grey.Lavender Earl Grey is smooth & balanced with notes of bergamot & fresh lavender.

Flavour notes:Smooth & Balanced, Bergamot & Fresh Lavender.

Caffeine content:  50 mg caffeine/cup.

  • Weight: 90g 
  • Hand-picked tea from Kenya: organically grown, free of chemicals and pesticides, ethically sourced. 
  • 100% natural ingredients: non-gmo and fair trade federation verified.
  • 24-36 month shelf life

Ingredients:Kenyan Black Tea, Organic Cold-Pressed Bergamot Oil, Lavender Blossoms. (Gluten/Sugar-Free and High Caffeine).