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Lavender Hop Soothe & Unwind Bath Salt

Dresdner is one of Germany's most successful traditional brands creating bath products that use Natural Essential Oils and high-quality raw ingredients, preferably of plant-based origin. Their products are based on the latest “green” recipes and use mild, cleaning sugar surfactants, precious plant oils, and skin-friendly care ingredients for the most luxurious spa time you can experience at home.

No animal testing of any kind is performed for the raw materials or for the finished products. All vegan, these bath salt soaks are entirely free of animal products.

Soothe and Unwind is a beneficial bath essence with natural essential lavender and palmarosa oils, west Indian Sandalwood and Valerian root oils to restore your health and well being. An easy and economical way to have a luxurious spa experience at home. Combined with warm water, the pure essential blend of oils calms the mind and helps to relax you after a stressful, tiresome day. Hop blossom extract has a harmonizing effect to combat nervousness. Unwind and enjoy!

Aromatic scent: Floral, woody

  • Size: 60g single packet
  • No Animal Testing
  • Vegan
  • Lavender, Palmarosa Oils, Sandlewood and Valerian Root Oils